Our Staff

With thousands of locations across multiple dimensions, it is impossible for us to profile every single member of our talented and capable staff. Therefore, we shall feature the employees of two stores at a time. First, is our top performing location, an amazing team of waiters and staff who have provided excellent service. Then, we will shine our spotlight on another location that is on the rise. The spotlight will change periodically, so be sure to check back often! Featured Location: UberIkebukuro! Store Manager: RYUUZAKI Ken Floor Manager: TOUMA Sei Assistant Manager: AIHARA Chiaki Shift Lead: ISHIDA Kaede Daytime Staff: - YABUKI Ryouta - YAMADA Miki - HIROTA Taichi Evening Staff: - ASADA Naoto - SAKAI Shin - IWAKI Ren - OHTA Masaharu Kitchens: IWAKI Kai Apron Guard: TAKAMURA Mamoru Spotlight Location: UberHokkaido! Store Manager: HAKUYA Satoshi Floor Manager: Assistant Manager: Shift Lead: Daytime Staff: Evening Staff: Kitchens: Apron Guard:

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