BMG History

The Beauty Man Garden was founded over 30 years ago by visionary chef Matsumoto. At the time, the universe was flooded with tacky maid cafes, bogged down by scantily clad nubile girls. Meanwhile, a huge segment of the restaurant-going population was being completely ignored. Not everyone wants to oogle busty girls in maid costumes. While they are great, sure, there are other delights out there too. Where were the handsome men in skimpy uniforms? Where were the sparkles? Tapping into what he knew would be a huge market, Matsumoto opened the first Beauty Man Garden in downtown ÜberTokyo. The restaurant was a huge success, and before long, BMG branches were springing up across the universe and into some others. Finally, there was a place for those who appreciate good food served by a fine sparkly male form in a tight apron: The Beauty Man Garden! As the years have passed, the BMG has expanded its service from a basic lunch and dinner menu to include other, more decadent, offerings. "Morning-After" breakfast is served starting at 5:30am LPT (Local Planet Time) and the dessert menu now includes all sorts of delicious temptations. Ten Years ago, the Beauty Man Garden established a professional Cutthroat Croquet team that has done well in competition across the dimensions. Along with their award winning softball team, the BMG has long been a champion of sweaty physical activity. What will we do next?

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